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NG Audio portal sucks

2013-06-09 08:42:53 by aevidal88

So i went through some of the genres that i like personally and was really disappointed to see what was at the top. The same shitty generic sounding shit that has plagued this place since i have been here. It should be called NG kid artists cuz that's all it really is.... a bunch of little kids that suck at life. I can't believe some of the stuff i saw....just like terrible stuff and people download it...lots of kids.....that is all


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2013-06-09 09:06:17

...Or maybe it's people upvoting their own stuff, and downvoting others.
Or you're actually right.

aevidal88 responds:

yes the voting system is definitely......not a display of talent by any means


2013-06-09 09:28:47

Haters gonna hate

aevidal88 responds:

i guess you could call it hate cuz this is definitely a rant.... i was just disappointed....hoping for some better sounding artists...but hey when nobody is making money what do you expect?


2013-06-09 11:53:30



2013-06-10 09:36:22

Nah, you're kidding.

aevidal88 responds:

dead serious...wish it was not so