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Sassoon - Hungry Dubstep Song
Sassoon - Back 2 Life Dance Song
FYP - Rise Dance Song
FYP- Bad Touch Dance Song
AW - Run (Sassoon Remix) Dance Song
Deep Down Low(FYP) Dance Song
Rvrs Fntsy (FYP rmx) Dance Song
FYP - Trippin Dance Song
FYP - Chemicals House Song
FYP - Embrace Dubstep Song
FYP - EElectric Escape Dance Song
FYP - Trapz Dance Song

2014 Submissions

FYP-Epic Dance Song
fade - FYP Dance Song
Destroy - FYP^^ Dance Song
What - FYP^^ Dance Song
Melt-FYP Dance Song
Twilight-FYP Dubstep Song
Digital Jungle-FYP House Song
Me-FYP House Song
Whats your name-FYP^^ House Song
hmu-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Gotch'ya-FYP Dubstep Song
Positive-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Bawlin-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Medicate-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Feel Chill-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Temptation-FYP^^ Dance Song
Soul Sucker-FY^^ Dubstep Song
Rage Face-FYP^^ Dance Song
Here we go-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
High Standards-FYP^^ Dance Song
The Decent-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
This Meeting-FYP^^preview Dance Song
Liars-FYP^^(Vocals) Dubstep Song
Liars-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Isolation-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Up Lift-FYP^^ Trance Song
Shake-FYP^^ House Song
Passion-FYP^^ Trance Song
Im Famous-FYP^^ Dance Song
Dont Wanna Be-FYP^^ House Song
Sun and Shine-FYP^^ Dance Song
Evryday-FYP^^(vocal wip) Drum N Bass Song
Greatest-FYP^^(wip) Dance Song
Rythm-FYP^^ House Song
Disfunctional-FYP^^ Dance Song
Unwind-FYP^^ House Song
dnb-FYP^^ Drum N Bass Song
melfinas song(english) Miscellaneous Song
Snap-FYP^^ House Song
Reflect-FYP^^ House Song
IDGF-FYP^^ House Song
Probability-FYP^^ Dance Song
Progression-FYP^^ House Song
Explosionn-FYP^^ Dance Song
AD Carry-FYP^^ Dance Song
Try-Fyp^^ Dubstep Song
The Mist-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Meditate-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Demand-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
In Heaven-FYP^^ Trance Song
Regrets-FYP^^ Dance Song
melfinas song-FYP^^ (wip) Dubstep Song
Destiny-FYP^^ Dance Song
Transformation-FYP^^ Dance Song
Grind house Dance Song
not perfect-fyp^^ Dance Song
Chomp-FYP^^ Dance Song
Get Out Of My Way-Fyp ^^ House Song
Withstand-FYP^^ Trance Song
Disorientation-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
red flags-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
Commited-FYP^^ House Song
plans-FYP^^ Dance Song
Break Out-FYP^^ House Song
mutal-FYP^^ Dubstep Song
all black Hip Hop - Modern Song
Sleeping-FYP^^ Dance Song
Discovery-Fyp^^ Dubstep Song
Lights-Fyp^^ Dance Song
caliber-fyp^^ Dubstep Song
get nasty-fyp^^ House Song
floww-fyp^^ House Song
awakening-fyp^^ Dubstep Song
Distance Hip Hop - Modern Song
Your touch-fyp ^^ Dubstep Song
Bite Me-FYP ^^ House Song
wander-FYP ^^ Trance Song
let down-FYP^^ Dance Song
memories-FYP^^ Dance Song
got drank-FYP^^ Hip Hop - Modern Song
Spectrum2-Fyp ^^ Dubstep Song
Spectrum-Fyp ^^ Dubstep Song
deception-fyp^^ House Song
decline-fyp ^^ Dubstep Song
release-fyp^^ Dubstep Song
dopamine-fyp Dubstep Song
supressed ft 50cent Dubstep Song
Supressed-FYP Dubstep Song
Safe and Sound-FYP Dubstep Song
Whatever FYP Trance Song
The Void-FYP Dubstep Song
facetoface-Fyp ^^ Dance Song
Once Upon A Time-FYP Dance Song
Paradise-FYP Dance Song
keep ur head up Dance Song
HeartBreak-FYP Hip Hop - Modern Song
Gimme More(wip) Dance Song
Fyp-Tonight Dubstep Song
DreamWorld(WIP) Dubstep Song
Relax(FYP) Dance Song
Numb(wip) Dance Song
Suspended(FYP) House Song
Escape(WIP) Dance Song
Reason(WIP) Trance Song
Star Struck(WIP) Dance Song
My Fantasy(FYP) House Song
Vision(FYP) Trance Song
Lost Memories(Final FYP) Trance Song
Lost in Time(FYP) Trance Loop
Wont Stop(FYP) Trance Loop
Distorted Reality(FYP) House Loop